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10:15 Lulu Class

10:15 Lulu Class

The 10:15 Lulu class poses with Coach Alan after completing Karen.
Beach AssaultIMG_7809IMG_7806IMG_7759IMG_7757IMG_7750IMG_7745IMG_7738IMG_7737IMG_7736IMG_7720IMG_7705IMG_7693IMG_7684IMG_7682IMG_7678IMG_7674IMG_7661IMG_7660IMG_7659

Beach Assault

Beach Assault workout featuring the usual suspects. See the entire gallery here.
Melanie Attacks Bumper Plate

Melanie Attacks Bumper Plate

Coach Mel attacked a bumper plate in a photo shoot for our Mother's Day promotion. Is your mother as tough as ours?
100 Curtis PsIMG_7593IMG_7591IMG_7589IMG_7588IMG_7587IMG_7586IMG_7582IMG_7575IMG_7574

100 Curtis Ps

Congratulations to all who did 100 Curtis P's RX!
Out on the GrinderIMG_7408IMG_7405IMG_7388IMG_7366IMG_5614IMG_5603IMAG0758

Out on the Grinder

The sun is out and our members are loving the outdoor workouts.